Andoria Mot Sp. z.o.o.
Founded 1945
Headquarters Krakowska, Poland
Industry engines
Parent GWARANT Grupa Kapitałowa S.A.


Andoria Mot Sp. z.o.o. is an engine manufacturer based in Poland. The company first began in 1945 with the manufacturing of agricultural machines. Later projects added Diesel engines. Andoria is a part of GWARANT Grupa Kapitałowa S.A...

Andoria's engine are used in various light trucks/SUVs in mostly former Eastern Bloc countries, like GAZelle, Lublin, UAZ, Honker and ARO.[1] They are also used for generating sets and various types of pumps.

Engine modelsEdit

  • Andoria S320 - 1-cylinder (Industrial)
  • Andoria S321 - 1-cylinder (Industrial)
  • Andoria 4CT90 - 4-cylinder (vehicles)
  • Andoria 4CTi90 - 4-cylinder (vehicles)
  • Andoria ADCR - 4-cylinder (vehicles)



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