AUSA is a Spanish manufacturer of Compact Dumpers and Forklifts.


Model rangeEdit

Rigid Chassis
    • D 150 RM
    • D 150 RM X4
    • D 150 RMA
    • D 150 RMA X4
    • D 150 RMG
    • D 150 RMG X4
    • D 175 RMS
    • D 175 RMS X4

    • D 85 AHA
    • D 85 AHG
    • D 100 AHA
    • D 120 AHA
    • D 120 AHG
    • D 150 AHG

UK MarketEdit

A limited range of products are imported into the UK, as its not seen as viable to compet in all sectors with so many manufactures.

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