Aveling-Bardord GB1 sn GB00401 at Claymills PS 09 - IMG 5012

At Claymills Pumping Station in autumn 2009

Aveling-Barford GB sn GB00401 is small road roller built by Aveling-Barford in 19 ?. The roller is used for work arounf the Claymills Pumping Station at Burton on Trent.



Currently under restoration.

Note from the owner left on the photo page

Aveling Barford and it's spurred me on to get on with the restoration. The canopy is currently being rebuilt and I've now straightened and repainted the canopy supports. I'm currently working on the tin ware and then I hope to get on with the body. The roller is a runner and we use it for repairs around the pumping station. It does smoke quite a bit so the injectors probably need looking at.

Roy Barratt


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Photos taken at Claymills Pumping Station open day 2009

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