BM Volvo was a brand name created after Volvo AB bought Bolinder-Munktell in 1950. Bolinder-Monketell being aproducer of tractors and industrial engines. In 1973 the company changed its name to Volvo BM AB and merged the tractor operations with Valmet.

The name was used as a brand on some products such as tractors for a period. The tractor lines were later sold to Valmet (now Valtra an AGCO brand). Volvo then merged its construction operation with Michigan and Euclid to create the VME Group in 1979. This was then in 1995 restructured to become Volvo Construction Equipment.

Some machinery was also marketed as Volvo BM for a period.

References / sourcesEdit

For Construction Equipment, see Volvo Construction Equipment.
For Agricultural Equipment, see Volvo BM.

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