Leyland - Merryweather Fire engine BRJ 333 - MMofT 09 - IMG 6477

BRJ 333 in the Museum of Transport in Manchester

The BRJ 333 is a Fire engine built by Merryweather in 1941, as a turntable ladder truck for the City of Salford, fire department in England.

Vehicle history Edit

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  • Allocated to Salford City Fire service in 1941 during the Blitz.
  • Decommissioned in 1962 and sold at Auction.
  • Bought by a scrap dealer and stored in a barn for 25 years till 1987.
  • Bought by the Museum in 1987 for the collect, as an example of a local municipal fire service vehicle.
  • Currently in the collection of the Museum of Transport in Manchester.

History timeline Edit

  • Built In 1941.
  • Restored following purchase in 1987

Vehicle specification Edit

  • Leyland TLM2A chassis
  • 8.8 litre petrol engine (2 mpg, but quick for its day)
  • Fitted with a Merryweather 100 ft turntable ladder

Significant Variations from original Edit

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Preservation Edit

  • Bought by the Museum in 1987 in original condition after being stored for 25 years

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Leyland - Merryweather Turntable ladder - BRJ 333 at MMofT 09 - IMG 6476 Veiw of the Ladder
Leyland Merryweather fire engine BRJ 333 at MMofT 09 - IMG 6480 Front 3/4 showing projection of the ladder
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  • Info based on info board displayed with the vehicle

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