Austin 'low Loader' taxi BXK 124 at the NCMM 09 - IMG 5283

BXK 124 at the National Coal Mining Museum for England in 2009

BXK 124 is a Austin "Low Loader" taxi built by the Austin Motor Company in 1935.

Vehicle historyEdit

This Austin 'Low Loader' Taxi was First registered in March 1935.

Used as a Owner Driver taxi in London till the mid 1950s, with a change of owner in 1949.

On retirement it was bought by a group of students in the 1950s. After a time one of the group bought the others out and restored the vehicle over a long period. In 1986 the restoration was completed and the vehicle was then used for occasional 'Wedding hire' till sold in 1991 to the current owner.

The Current owner (?) has restored the vehicle further

  • Reconditioned engine fitted in 1996
  • recreation use is now 1200- 3000 miles per annum

Breif specEdit

  • Vehicle weighs about 1.5 tons
  • running speed 38-40 mph (for comfortable operation of the engine)
  • Average mpg = 20-22
  • No heater for driver or passengers
  • drivers compartment is open !
  • Passengers get connelly leather seats & coconut floor matting
  • originlly had no indicators (retro fitted for safety)


Some of the events attended by this vehicle include;


Photo Caption
Austin Taxi BXK 124 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5287 Front 3/4 veiw in the autumn sunshine
Austin Taxi - BXK 124 at NCMM 09 - IMG 5282 Rear showing the canopy roof to the passenger compartment
Autin taxi - BXK 124 interior at NCMM 09 - IMG 5289 Passenger compartment
Austin taxi - bXK 124 Engine - at NCMM 09 - IMG 5284 Engine compartment
Austin Taxi - BXK 124 rear at NCMM 09 - IMG 5290 Rear view with the 'old' London Taxi licensing number plate displayed
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