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Bamfords No10 Seed distributor
Bamfords No10 Supreme Seed Distributor -Horse drawn
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Bamfords of Utoxeter, England manufactured farm implements from 1871 till 1987 when they went bust.


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Earliest Period 1871-1918Edit

Inter War Period 1918-45Edit

Bamfords no.2 saw bench at neath 2012 - IMG 7900
Bamfords No.2 saw Bench
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Post War Period 1945-70'sEdit

Final Years 1970's - 1987Edit

Following closure of the factory in Uttoxeter after Bamfords demise it was taken over by JCB in 1989 and became home to the production line for JCB Summito line of excavators. The site being known as the Heavy product division. In December 2008 production ceased with the building of a JS 260 excavator and production transfers to a new £40 million factory built alongside JCB's world HQ at Rocester by the A50, providing 450,00 sq ft of modern facilities. The site is to be sold off for redevelopment as its location in the town centrer was considered unsuitable for expansion and building a modern facility on. This ends 140 years of manufacturing in the town by Bamfords.[1]

Product RangeEdit

Bamfords Mower 2
A Bamfords trailed mower at Harewood House Steam Rally 2008
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Derelict Bamford Mower (Canon 13 July-2) - 018
This trailed mower was found abandon in a field in North Wales near a quarry.
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Earliest Period 1871-1918Edit

Inter War Period 1918-45Edit

Bamford 4 hp Horizontal engine sn 2612 of 1923 at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1550
The Bamford 4 hp engine sn 2612 of 1923 driving a small mill - at the Woolpit Steam show 2009
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Bamford EG1 of 1949 at Malvern 10 - IMG 8818
A restored Bamford EG1 at the 2010 Tractor World Show - Malvern- restored by Ms. Becky Hillman
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Post War Period 1945-70'sEdit

Bamford kv
A Bamford / Keverneland Hydrien 4 Furrow plough
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Bamford Wuffler at Newark sale 09 - PA190082
A Bamford Wuffler in a farm machinery sale
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Bamfords also marketed products from other companies, One such agreement being to market Ploughs manufactured by Kverneland of Norway, reached in April 1965. Most were sold painted in Bamfords yellow but a few were sold in Kverneland's Red and Green livery.

Final Years 1970's - 1987Edit

Bamfords sold a number of foreign built products as UK agent or manufactured them under license in the UK with some being branded as Bamfords-xxxxx.

Items such as Ploughs manufactured by Kverneland were first sold in the UK under the Bamford brand before they set up there own import operation based in Rotherham in the 1980s.

Preserved machinesEdit

Bamford corn mill - at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1544
A restored Bamford corn / flour mill driven by flat from stationary engine at Woolpit Steam 2009
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  • Several restored Bamfords engine are on display at steam fairs and agricultural shows around he country.
  • Examples of Bamfords mowers and machinery are in some of the agricultural and rural museum collections.

See AlsoEdit

  • Kverneland Norwegian plough manufacturer, sold under licence.


  1. Old Glory Magazine, No.227 January 2009

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