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The Belsize Motors Ltd company was founded in 1906 in Clayton Manchester, England. The company was formed to take over the Belsize Motors and Engineering company. a cycle and car manufacturer. The company built a number of Fire engines and light commercial vehicles as well as several models of motor cars. After World War I they only built light cars and vans. The company ceased trading in 1925.


1912 Morris-Belsize fire engine - CR 1500 - Madalaine at Great Henham rally 2011 - IMG 7657

1912 Morris-Belsize fire engine from White Webbs Museum at the Great Henham Steam Rally 2011

In 1906 they built a Fire engine chaasis that was fitted out by John Morris & Sons Ltd of Salford, for the London Fire Brigade. This vehicle used a 40hp 4-cylinder petrol engine (make ?). It ran on twin solid tyred wheels.

The company built several large Fire appliances using Forman Motor Co. of Coventry 50/80 hp petrol engines, Mather & Platt 500gpm turbo pumps and bodies by John Morris & Son. These were also equipped with 17 metres (56 ft) wheeled escape ladder.

Motor car production was a major part of the companies out put prior to World War I witha number of models built. They exhibited at major shows such as The Motor Car Show at Olympia.

Other vehicles included 3-ton trucks introduced in 1911. These used a shaft-drive design and a 28hp 4-cylinder petrol engine. production ended in 1914 when a new 3 1/2 ton model was introduced.

Other CompaniesEdit

There is a Modern car dealer called Belsize Motors based in Belsize Park area of London. It is not known if there is any connection between the two firms.

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19030131Auto- 12hp Belsize car (gracesguide)

Advert for 12hp Belsize car

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