Bonluck Bus
Headquarters Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Products buses
Production output 5,000 units
Parent Hengtian Group

Bonluck Bus is a bus manufacturer based in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. It is a government-owned enterprise, and since 2011 has been part of the Hengtian Group. Bonluck can build up to 5,000 buses and coaches a year. The buses have been sold around the world, including North America, South America and Europe.


  • Bonluck JXK6840 bus
  • Bonluck JXK6145XR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6128CR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6960CR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6850CR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6790CR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6137 Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6850DR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6105DR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6127DR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6126XR Coach
  • Bonluck JXK6960G City bus
  • Bonluck JXK6116 City bus
  • Bonluck JXK6120 City bus
  • Bonluck JXK6601 Electric bus
  • Bonluck Luxury Motorhome
  • Bonluck JXK6105 Motorhome


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