BredaMenarinibus is an Italian bus manufacturer and a division of Finmeccanica. Based in Bologna, Italy, it is the second largest bus manufacturer in Italy. Menarini was founded in 1919 by E. Menarini as a car body manufacturer. In 1952, they started to only build buses. The company was purchased by the Breda Group and renamed BredaMenarinibus. Later, Finmeccanica purchased it in 2001.[1]


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  • BredaMenarinibus LANDER
  • BredaMenarinibus M 240 EI
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY C +
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY C CNG
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY L +
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY L CNG +
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY M +
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY N +
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY N CNG +
  • BredaMenarinibus VIVACITY S +
  • BredaMenarinibus ZEUS M 200 E


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