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Bucket is the general term to describe the attachment on the end of a Digger or excavators arm that scoops up the material or digs it out.

Dragline Bucket small

A small "Dragline Bucket" from a small Priestman machine.

Digger bucketsEdit

Loader (shovel) bucketsEdit

  • GP bucket
  • Rock Bucket for quarry applications
  • Bulk handling - for Coal, Grain etc

4in 1 Buckets Edit

  • special multi purpose bucket

Specialist bucketsEdit

  • Clamshell bucket used for looe material loading
  • A Large (for UK) Dragline Bucket for the Bucyrus-Erie dragline Oddball at St. Aidans, OCCS nr Leeds
  • Mini excavator fitted with grab for sorting materials
  • Heavy rotary grab for demolition work
  • weed cutting bucket for cleaning waterways
  • assorted digging buckets
  • Grain bucket fitted with quick hitch for wheeled loader or material handlers
  • Bottom dump bucket on large face shovel
  • Orange peel scrap grab
  • Modern reinforced Hardox quarry bucket

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