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CAIO Induscar
Founded CAIO - Induscar - 2001
CAIO - 1946
Founder(s) José Massa
Headquarters Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil
Products buses
Employees 3.000[1]
Parent Ruas Group
Variosmillennium santabrigida

CAIO Induscar Millennium, in São Paulo

CAIO is a Brazilian manufacturer of buses and light commercial trucks. Founded in 1946 in São Paulo, Brazil, CAIO is a full-line bus manufacturer. In 2001, CAIO was acquired by the Ruas Group and restructured as CAIO Induscar. The factory is located in Botucatu, Brazil.[2]



Caio Apache VIP II, Transurbano Guatemala

TNazas23 (2011)

Caio Vitoria bus

  • CAIO Apache S22 - urban bus
  • CAIO Apache VIP - urban bus
  • CAIO Atilis - cargo van
  • CAIO Atilis minibus
  • CAIO Foz Executive - microbus
  • CAIO Foz Tourism - microbus
  • CAIO Foz Urban - microbus
  • CAIO Giro 3200 - Coach
  • CAIO Giro 3400 - Coach
  • CAIO Giro 3600 - Coach
  • CAIO Millennium - articulated or urban bus
  • CAIO Millennium Biarticulado - articulated
  • CAIO Mini Foz - minibus
  • CAIO Mondego H - urban bus
  • CAIO Mondego HA - articulated
  • CAIO Mondego LA - articulated
  • CAIO Topbus - articulated
  • CAIO Urban Foz Super - midi bus


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