CAMETAL S.A.I.C. (Carrocerías Metálicas) was an Argentinan bus manufacturer founded in 1947. Based in Villa Gobernador Gálvez, a province of Santa Fe, Argentina, the CAMETAL name was adapted in 1962.

In 1979, CAMETAL became the first manufacturer of double-decker buses under license from Neoplan.[1] Manufacturing began to decline by 1993, and the company closed in 1995. The factory was sold to CAMSA, an American company that planned to resume production, but nothing came of it. It was then sold to Metalsur, which now produces bodies.


  • Nahuel I (1977)
  • Nahuel II (1979)
  • Urbuss (1980) minibuses with Mercedes-Benz chassis
  • Nahuel III (1983)
  • Trolebús experimental (1988)
  • Jumbus (1985)
  • Metrobus (1993) with Isuzu chassis, exported to Costa Rica
  • Super Jumbus (1994)


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