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For Fowler built 'Challenger' crawlers, see Fowler Challenger range.
Challenger Equipment
Predecessor Caterpillar Challenger Tractor range
Founded 2002
Products agriculture machinery tractor, Combine harvester
Parent AGCO Corporation

The Challenger Equipment brand was acquired in 2002 when AGCO Corporation purchased the rights from Caterpillar Corporation to their tracked tractor line of farm machinery. To expand the brand range, AGCO took products from their other brands, such as wheeled tractors from Massey Ferguson, combine harvesters from Gleaner, sprayers from RoGator and TerraGator and Hay Making Equipment from Hesston and badged them as Challenger Equipment. This badge engineering is quite common within AGCO's North American products.

AGCO has a tie-up with NefAZ in Russia for the assembly and distribution of Challenger combines under the AGCO-NEFAZ Challenger name.


Challenger RoGator RG 645 - 2011
2011 Challenger RoGator RG 645
Scoty6776Added by Scoty6776
Challenger TerraGator TG 845 - 2011
2011 Challenger TerraGator TG 845
Scoty6776Added by Scoty6776
Challenger MT675C MFWD-2009
Challenger MT675C MFWD
Scoty6776Added by Scoty6776
Challenger MT965C 4WD-2009
Challenger MT965C 4WD
Scoty6776Added by Scoty6776
Challenger MT855C-2009
Challenger MT855C
Scoty6776Added by Scoty6776

Challenger-Chafer self propelled sprayer at Lamma 2010 - IMG 7606
A Challenger-Chafer self-propelled sprayer
BulldozerD11Added by BulldozerD11
Forward control chassis
  • Chafer sprayer mounted on a challenger forward control high clearance unit

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