Classic Machinery Network is a European discussion Forum for fans of classic construction related machinery.

The site features classic plant that has been restored and photos of machines in need of saving as well as a large number of original brochures and photos of classic machines in action when they were new.

The members include some experts with a vast knowledge of classic British machinery and service engineers for technical tips.

Modern machinery get covered by posts from operators from some of the biggest sites in the UK and around the world of the machines in action and sometimes in embarrassing position.

The site has an associated older Non English language version - that covers the Northern European countries, that Classic Machinery Network grew out of to cater for the native English speaking users.

Several very knowledgeable users try to help owners with problems from the basic 'were do i fill it with oil" ? / "how much do i need" ? to "How do you replace the King-post on a JCB" ? etc.


The site has a download section were copies of manuals for older machines can be obtained. these being contributed by users to help restore/maintain these older machines.

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