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Cletrac HG31 at Scorton NY 09 - IMG 2418

A Cletrac HG 31 at Scorton North Yorkshire 2009

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CLETRAC, INC., a manufacturer of tractors for military and civilian use, was organized by ROLLIN H. WHITE† as the Cleveland Motor Plow Co. in 1916, with capital of $6 million. White, a founder of the WHITE MOTOR CORP., had 10 years earlier formed this new firm to produce the crawler-type tractor he had developed for general farm use. First located at Euclid Ave. and Lamb, the plant later moved to 19300 Euclid Ave. Renamed Cleveland Tractor Co. in 1917, the company sold 40,000 tractors in the U.S. and 70 foreign countries during its first decade. In the early 1930s, the needs of the Civilian Conservation Corps. and public works projects kept the plant open and by 1937 the firm, which employed 1,500 workers, enjoyed record tractor sales here and abroad. Two years later, the company introduced 3 new lower-priced tractors with 4-cylinder engines for use by the small farmer. The military application of Cleveland Tractor's products became dominant during World War II when the firm manufactured a new, high-speed tractor for hauling artillery. Although the company received a steady flow of orders, the low profit in defence work and the research costs for new products convinced company President White to sell the company to the 96-year-old Oliver Corp. of Chicago in 1944. Oliver invested $3.5 million in the ageing plant to develop new products. However, Cleveland Tractor remained unprofitable until the Korean War revived its business. When White Motor Corp. took a 2-year option to buy the tractor plant and acquired exclusive rights to the Oliver name in 1959, Oliver renamed its Cleveland facilities Cletrac Inc. In 1961 White Motor bought the local Cletrac inventories, engineering designs, and machine tools and closed the plant, consolidating all production at a second plant in Charles City, Iowa

Model RangeEdit

Cletrac M2 at Kettering front IMG 1868

Cletrac M2 in USAF colours at Kettering Steam Fair, fitted with front winch

Model Number Production Years Number Built Photo
Cletrac R 1916–1917 Image needed LHB

Cletrac H 1917–1919 Cletrac H sn 8499 at Woolpit 11 - IMG 7389
Cletrac W(W12) 1919–1932
Cletrac F 1920–1922
Cletrac 20K 1925–1932
Cletrac 30A 1926–1928
Cletrac 30B 1929–1930
Cletrac 100 1927–1930
Cletrac 40 1928–1931
Cletrac 55-40 1931–1932
Cletrac ? 1932–1936
Cletrac 15 1931–1933
Cletrac 20C 1933–1936
Cletrac AG 1936–1937
Cletrac AG 1937–1942
Cletrac AG-6 1944-
Cletrac AD 1937-
Cletrac AD2 1937–1940
Cletrac BD 1936-56 2,456 built
Cletrac BD 4 speed 1936–1939
Cletrac BD 6 speed 1939-56
Cletrac 25 1932–1935
Cletrac 30G 1935–1936
Cletrac BG series 1937-?
Cletrac BG 4 speed 1937–1939
Cletrac BG 6 speed 1939-
Cletrac BGS 1944-
Cletrac 40-30 1930–1931
Cletrac 35 1932–1936
Cletrac CG 1936–1942
Cletrac 35D 1934–1935
Cletrac 40D 1935–1936
Cletrac DD series 1937-58 13,890 built
Cletrac DD 4 speed 1936–1939
Cletrac DD 6 speed 1939-58
Cletrac DG series 1936-56 2,890 built
Cletrac DG 4 speed 1936–1939
Cletrac DG 6 speed 1939-56
Cletrac 80D 1933–1936
Cletrac FD series 1938-44 1,267 built - A 13 ton 113 hp Hercules 6-cylinder Diesel (largest model in 1940s)
Cletrac FD 4 speed 1936–1938
Cletrac FD 6 speed 1938-44
Cletrac FG series 1936-194?
Cletrac FG 4 speed 1936–1938
Cletrac FG 6 speed 1938-
Cletrac GG (General) 1939–1942
Cletrac GG (Co-op) 1939–1942
Cletrac HG series 1939-44 15,864 built Cletrac HG42 - LKN 229 at Maldon WD 11 - IMG 4983
Cletrac HG 31 1939- Cletrac HG31 at Scorton NY 09 - IMG 2418
Cletrac HG 42 1939- Cletrac HG42 - LKN 229 at Maldon WD 11 - IMG 4982
Cletrac HG 68 1939-
Cletrac M2 (7 ton 137 hp Hercules) 1941 6-cylinder Gasoline High speed tractor for USAF fitted with winch & Compressor for aircraft support roles. Cletrac M2 at Kettering front IMG 1868

Preserved machinesEdit

These are not common machines in the UK and most of the imported ones were military models, brought in by the USAF in the war.

  • A Cletrac M2 (shown above), this machine can be seen at shows in the midlands.

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