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The interest in and growth of the Preservation of Tractors and Construction Plant by a wide variety of people has lead to the formation of a growing band of Clubs run by members with an common interest. These may be in particular make or Type of Machinery.

The main clubs are Listed Here; (follow link to full details, if red section requires creating, please add details)

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Add your club to the page with a wiki link to allow a 'club page' to be created on the wiki if there is not one already, and a web link to your club web site - Please add us to your clubs web site links page.

Clubs & Groups By Area Edit

Please add any Groups to list, and create a linked page with web site link if possible.

( sub divide areas as require)


  • List of National Clubs - Covering all the country.
Club description page on Tractor Wiki (link in relevant articles) - Club web site link
  1. Allis Chalmers Owners Club UK - AC Owners club
  2. Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club-UK ACMOC-UK - (Defunct 2009)
  3. Blue Force - Friends of Fordson Ford New Holland & Derivatives.
  4. County Tractor Club - mainly Scottish based owners club for County Tractors
  5. David Brown Tractor Club (DBTC) -
  6. Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) - FBHVC Web site
  7. Ferguson Club - Ferguson Club Web Site
  8. The Foden Society -
  9. Ford and Fordson Association - Association web site
  10. Leyland Society - Leyland Society
  11. The Link Club - (formerly ACMOC Chapter II) - ?
  12. National Steam Car Association - NSCA
  13. NTET (National Traction Engine Trust) - National Traction Engine Trust
  14. National Vintage Tractor & Engine Club (NVTEC) - NVTEC Web site
  15. The Nuffield and Leyland Tractor Club - www.thenuffieldandleylandtractor
  16. Nuffield - Leyland Club Finland -
  17. Road Locomotive Society (RLS) -
  18. Road Roller Association - RRA Web site
  19. Roadless Tractor Club - roadless register
  20. The Robey Trust - The Robey Trust
  21. Scammell Owners Club - Scammell Register
  22. Sentinel Drivers Club - Sentinel Wagons
  23. SODEM - Society of Engine Drivers and Enginemen
  24. The Steam Car Club of Great Britain - Steam Car Club of GB
  25. The Steam Plough Club -
  26. Vintage Excavator Trust - no club web site currently operational
  27. Vintage Horticultural and Garden Machinery Club (VHGMC) - VHGMC web site
  28. Zetor Tractor Club - c/o Barlows (Henbury) Ltd the Zetor dealers (web site ?)


Regional based groups - Please add any missing regions & clubs

Please add any missing regions to this list and your clubs / groups

(in abc order please)

Scotland Edit


Northern Ireland Edit

Republic of Ireland Edit

  • Add any Republic of Ireland clubs here

Wales Edit

International Groups Edit



  • Add any Australian groups here









Rest of WorldEdit


  • Add them here or add a new sub-heading for your country and add the listing under it.

By Machine Type or Make Listings Edit

Registers of machines/ownersEdit

Registers of surviving machines and current owners


There is anavigation box listing major clubbs that can be added to relevant articles - Just paste this code {{Clubs}} into the page below the External links section

It gives this box;

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