Unit of measurement derived from combing Yard (unit of measure) with Cubic (3 dimensional) cubic adj # relating to or resembling a cube.

  1. having three dimensions.
  2. math of or involving a number or quantity that is raised to the third power, eg a cubic equation (in which the highest power of the unknown variable is three).
  3. math said of a unit of volume: equal to that contained in a cube of specified dimensions • a cubic metre. cubical adj.

cubicle noun a small compartment for sleeping or undressing in, screened for privacy. ETYMOLOGY: 15c: from Latin cubiculum bedchamber, from cubare to lie down.

yard noun in the imperial system: a unit of length equal to 3 feet (0.9144m).

Metric version is Cubic metre or m3 1 cubic yard (0.76 m³) ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon gierd rod.

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