Scammell Showmans Tractor - DVJ 45 - Empress of England - at Kemble 09 - IMG 1339

C.J.Evans Scammell at the Kemble Steam Rally 2009

DVJ 45 is a Scammell Showmans Tractor built in 1946, by Scammell for Showman Bernard Hill. The tractor is named Empress of England. This unit is rated as a 45 ton tractor and fitted with Scammells chain drive axle. This tractor is fitted with a Dynamo for generating power for Fairground Rides. The tractor is powered by a Gardner engine.


For Company history, see Scammell.
  • New in 1946 to showman Bernard Hill.
  • Bought for preservation in 1972 by Current owner Colin Evans to haul his Bryan Donkins Steam plant & Vintage Showmans Caravan.


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Scammell DVJ 45 was actually collected from Scammell factory at Watford by my father John("Jack")Rawlings who was Bernard Hill's cousin,this was in 1946 the year of my birth.This was the first vehicle I ever "drove" albeit in a field at around the age of 10 or 11 years Michael.J.Rawlings