Dayun Motor
Founded 2004
Headquarters Yuncheng, Shanxi, China
Products trucks
Production output 50,000
Parent Dayun Group

Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd, known as Dayun Motor, is a heavy truck manufacturer located in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China. It was founded in 2004 as part of the Dayun Group. They are able to build up to 50,000 trucks a year.[1][2]

(Dayun means Great Canal).


  • Dayun CGC1047PB33E3 2x4 light truck
  • Dayun CGC1048PX28E3 2x4 light truck
  • Dayun CGC1140
  • Dayun CGC1141 2x4
  • Dayun CGC1160 4x6
  • Dayun CGC1254 4x6
  • Dayun CGC1311 4x8
  • Dayun CGC4180 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4181 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4220 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4222 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4250 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4251 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4252 semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4252 CNG semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4252 LNG semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4253 CNG semi tractor
  • Dayun CGC4253 LNG semi tractor
  • Dayun DYX1250 4x6
  • Dayun DYX1312 4x8
  • Dayun DYX3251 4x6 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3253 4x6 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3311 4x8 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3313 4x8 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX3313 LNG 4x8 Dump truck
  • Dayun DYX5250 4x6
  • Dayun DYX5253 4x6
  • Dayun DYX5310 semi tractor
  • Dayun DYX5312 4x8


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