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Predecessor Deutz-Fahr / Allis-Chalmers
Successor AGCO-Allis (AGCO)
Founded 1985
Defunct 1990/2001
Headquarters Milwaukee, WI
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent Deutz-Fahr

The Deutz-Allis company and name was created when Deutz-Fahr of Germany purchased the Allis-Chalmers company of Milwaukee, WI, USA in 1985. Deutz-Fahr was owned by Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD) at that time. One of the first things KHD did was change the color of almost all tractors, implements and Deutz-Allis Gleaner combines (stripes) to the Deutz-green. Only the larger 8000 and 9000 series tractors remained Allis Persian orange. Deutz engines soon dominated the line-up as well as the tractor designs. A few were merely Deutz-Fahr tractors with the Deutz-Allis name.

Lawn and garden tractors were produced under the Deutz-Allis name by Simplicity, of Port Washington, WI, which was formerly a part of the Allis-Chalmers Corporation. When the name was changed to Agco-Allis, the lawn and garden tractors followed suite.[1]

KHD never did really well in the North American agricultural market, and sold the Deutz-Allis company to some of the management in 1990, which formed the Gleaner-Allis Corporation to buy it. The corporate name was soon changed to AGCO. The Deutz was replaced with AGCO to become AGCO-Allis in 1990/1991.

Main article: AGCO

In South America, Deutz-Allis continued to be owned by Deutz-Fahr until AGCO purchased it, too, in 1996.[2] The Deutz-Allis brand lived on until 2001, when it too was replaced with AGCO-Allis.

Main article: AGCO-Allis



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