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Díaz de Terán (Diter)
Founded 1883
Headquarters Zafra (Badajoz), Spain
Products engines
Parent Deutz AG

Díaz de Terán (Diter) was founded in 1883 in Spain. In 1949, the company began building engines. In 1965, MWM of Germany purchased Diter and changed the brand and company name to MWM-Diter. 1987 saw the acquisition of by Deutz AG, and the name change to Deutz-Diter. By 2008, Deutz had phased out all engine production at DEUTZ DITER S.A., now a division of Deutz AG.[1]

MWM Diter logo

MWM Diter logo

Deutz Diter logo

Deutz Diter logo

It's engines have been used by S.A.M.A. Renault, Agria Hispania, Astoa, BJR, Fiat and Pasquali.[2]


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