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Digacrusher at SED 08 P5140173
Digacrusher stand at SED in 2008 with several different capacity machines on display
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Digacrusher is a brand name for one of the makes of excavator mounted crushers can bee fitted to a 360 excavator in place of the bucket and used to crush concrete and demolition rubble down to a usable size for hardcore.


The attachment replaces the bucket and contains a hydraulic operated crusher mechanism mounted in a Heavy duty Bucket body,that is used to scope up semi loose material (not for hard digging) and then crush it and deposit it on a stock pile for re use.

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A range of machines to fit excavators from a few tons up to 50 ton + size are available

A range of digger mounted rotary screener's are also available to grade out material for use as selected fill.

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Photo from the event

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