Founded 1930
Defunct 1955
Headquarters Le Havre, France
Products agriculture machinery tractor

ECO was a French brand of tractor built in Le Havre, from 1930 till the second world war and then from 1945 till 1955. The first tractors used a 25 hp (19 kW) twin-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine. A CLM engine of the opposed piston 2-stroke design was used following the outbreak of war.

Post-war the tractor was redesigned and the gearbox changed to a 6-speed from the 2-speed. A new 15 hp (11 kW) single cylinder was added in 1952. A more powerful 60 hp (45 kW) 3-cylinder model was added in 1953, called the prestige. when production ended in 1955 only 861 had been built since 1945.

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