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Headquarters Dobre Miasto, Poland
Products agriculture machinery tractor, implements
Parent Warfarma
Polmot Warfarma logo

Pol-Mot is a Polish diversified equipment company based in Dobre Miasto, Poland, and is a part of Warfarma. In 1995, Farm-Mot was established as part of Pol-Mot to create a John Deere look-a-like tractor, the Farm-Mot 250D. In 1997, they purchased the Agromet company, and in 2000, they formed a joint-venture with Escorts Group of India to manufacture Escort (Pol-mot) tractors, called Pol-Mot Escorts sp. z.o.o.

In 2005, Pol-Mot began distributing Foton tractors from China. In 2010, an agreement was made with Hattat of Turkey for technology and to begin building/assembling Hattat-based tractors in Poland. Also in 2010, an agreement was signed with IMT for orchard tractors.

As a major change in business, Pol-Mot purchased fellow-Polish company Ursus in 2011.


Farm-Mot logo
Foton Polmot logo

Escort (Pol-Mot)Edit

Escort (Pol-mot) logo
Main article: Pol-Mot Escorts

Ursus Pol-MotEdit


Pol-Mot also assmebles/distributes pick-up trucks from China. These are the Pol-Mot Grand Tiger, which is the Zxauto GrandTiger from ZX Auto.[1]

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Pol-Mot/Warfarma webpage

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