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Faymonville 4 axle variable width low loader at Belvoir 09 - IMG 9118
A variable bed low loader with 4 axles and removable neck
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Faymonville adjustable bed low loader - IMG 9119
Detail showing adjustable bed on Low loader
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Faymonville Low loader dropwell and wide bed at Belvoir 09 -- IMG 9120
Rear of trailer showing drop well for excavator booms and extra wide bed
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Faymonville are a manufacturer of Low loaders and specialist modular trailers for transporting plant, machinery and oversize loads.



Model rangeEdit

Faymonville 4 axle semi lowloader - IMG 6716
A 4 axle semi lowloader with telescopic bed
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Low loaders

  • 2 axle
  • 3 axle
  • 4 axle
  • 5 axle

Telescopic low loaders

Machinery trailers

Girder trailers

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References / sourcesEdit

  • Company literature from SED
  • photos from shows

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