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Ferguson Implement poster1
Ferguson equipment and accessories poster
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The Ferguson Tractor Company sold a whole range of Ferguson Branded Implements to complement the tractors. Some were built by Ferguson, with others brought in from other manufacturers and badged as Fergusons (as with other firms). Many were designed or modified to Ferguson specifications. Other companies marketed implements and accessories for the Ferguson Tractor, some with Ferguson's approval and other not.

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Belt pulleyEdit


Corn millEdit

1952 Ferguson Crane
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Crane jibEdit

Crop sprayerEdit

Ferguson Sprayer (fisons) at DP 09 - IMG 7968
Ferguson Low Volume Sprayer
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Earth Leveler and Blade TerracerEdit

Earth leveler - blade at DP 09 - IMG 7965
A Ferguson Earth leveling blade on YAS 744
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Earth ScoopEdit

Ferguson TED-20 reg OBH 814 with Earth Scoop at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9804
FErguson Earth Scoop on Feguson tractor OBH 814 at Stoke Goldington Steam Rally 2009
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Fertiliser spreaderEdit

Ferguson Fertiliser spreader on MF 35 - 149 DRR at Lincoln 08 - P8170533
Ferguson fertiliser spreader
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Forklift attachmentEdit

Half track systemEdit

Ferguson with half track kit at Malvern 09 - IMG 5887
Ferguson equiped with halftrack kit and blade
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Hedge cutterEdit

Hay rakeEdit


Ferguson tractor with hydraulic loader
A Ferguson banana loader on the Ferguson Club stand at Newby Hall Vintage show 2008
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Mole ploughEdit

Mole plough on a Ferguson- IMG 5056
A Mole plough mounted on a Ferguson tractor
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Muck spreaderEdit

Muck forkEdit


Post Hole AugerEdit

Ferguson post hole auger - IMG 3342
A Ferguson Auger
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Potato plantersEdit

Ferguson potato planter land girl at Bath and Southwest 09 - IMG 5043
Feguson Planter with Land Girl at Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009
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Potato spinnerEdit

Ferguson potato spinner - bath - IMG 5052
A restored potato spinner at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009
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Rear loaderEdit

Ferguson TE20 - WFO 367 - and Sack Lifter at Belvoir 08 - P5180377
Ferguson rear loader- sack lifter
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Reduction gear boxEdit

  • 3:1 low speed epicyclic reduction box insert

Saw benchEdit

Ferguson Saw bench -bath - IMG 5055
A restored Ferguson belt driven Sawbench on display at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009
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Seed drillEdit

Ferguson GPE 15 seed drill of 1955 on trailer at Newark VTH 08 - IMG 3478
A restored Ferguson Drill on transport trailer at Newark VTH show 2008
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Ferguson trailer - at Peterborough-IMG 3045
Restored Ferguson 3 ton tipping trailer
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Transport boxEdit

Yard scraperEdit

See also: Ferguson Earth Leveler

Ferguson Owners ClubsEdit

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