Foday Auto (Guangdong Foday Automobile Co., Ltd.)
Predecessor Guangdong Fudi Automobile Co., Ltd.
Founded 1988
Headquarters Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Products automobiles
Fudi Auto logo

Fudi logo

Guangdong Foday Automobile Co., Ltd., known as Foday Auto, has its roots going back to 1988. Based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, it was previously known as Guangdong Fudi Automobile Co., Ltd., it produces parts and stampings, as well as completed vehicles, mostly pick-ups and SUVs. Products have been sold in various countries under the Fudi and Foday brands.


  • Foday Explorer III SUV
  • Foday Explorer 6 SUV
  • Foday Lion pickup
  • Foday Lion F16 pickup
  • Foday Little Superman pickup
  • Fudi Explorer III SUV
  • Fudi Lion pickup
  • Fudi Little Superman pickup


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