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Fowell & Co. Makers plate

Fowell no. 91 TE reg CE 7856 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0534

The Earliest surviving Fowell engine no. 91 of 1902 at the Old Warden Steam Rally 2009

Fowell & Co. was a company based in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire that built Steam engines from the end of the 19th century till the 1920s. The comany had a number of different names over its life, George Fowell, Fowell & Hunt, C.J. Fowell & Co. and Fowell & Co.


The Company was started in 1976 by George John of the Fowell family that had worked for many years at Charles Burrell and Sons of Thetford. George John had been senior draftsman and his farther was Burrells works foreman.[1]

George John set up as an Iron Founder in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, a Rural farming area some distance from Thetford, in Norfolk.

The companies records list only 109 engines built between 1877 and 1922. These records were passed to the Road Locomotive Society by Alan Duke.[2]

The first machine was to the designs that George John had worked on at Burrells, with the second engine to the Designs of William Box a haulage contractor contractor & manufacturer. Other engines were also built to this Box patent design by other firms including Burrell and Robey. The engine featured a rudimentary form of springing to cope with the rough roads, that were damaging William Box's loads of clayware from his pottery and brick works.

The company changed its name several times as partners came and went, but most were some variation of Fowell & Co.

History incomplete, see refs for more details.


Only seven engines from this manufacturer are listed in the The Traction Engine Register list of engines in the UK.[3]

All seven engines were brought together for a reunion at the Old Warden Steam Rally in 2007. Photo Here.

Preserved machines built by Fowell & Co.
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Engine No. Name Build Date Type Weight Power nhp Reg No. Owner Image Other info
Fowell no. 91 - 1902 TE - ton 7 nhp CE 7856 The Parrish family Fowell no. 91 TE reg CE 7856 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0534 At Old Warden 2009
Fowell no. 92 - 1903 TE - 7 nhp CE 7857 The Parrish family Fowell no. 92 TE reg CE 7857 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0713 At Old Warden 2009
Fowell no. 93 The Abbott 1904 TE - 7 nhp CE 7894 owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Fowell no. 97 The Black Prince 1907 TE - 7 nhp CE 7893 Owner ? Image needed LHB

Featured in
Fowell no. 98 Reliance 1909 TE - 7 nhp CE 7858 Owner ? (in ROI) Image needed LHB

Featured in
Fowell no. 103 Cromwell 1913 TE - 8 nhp AH 5456 Dave Miller of Micheldever, Hampshire Fowell no. 103 - TE Cromwell - AH 5456 at Bill Targett Rally 2011 - IMG 4479 At Bill Targett Memorial Rally 2011
Fowell no. 108 - 1923 TE - 8 nhp EW 2981 Owner ? Image needed LHB

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Make and no Name date built type weight power Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
Machine types Key: References
SW = Steam wagon, PLG = Ploughing Engine, PE = Portable engine, SR = Steam Roller, SM = Showman's Engines, TE = Traction Engine, ST = Steam tractor, RL = Road Locomotive
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