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General Motors built engines for a wide variety of machines built by their various divisions as well as for other OEM manufactures.


Main article: General Motors for parent company history.

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Model RangeEdit

Add details of GM engines and the machines they were fitted in or the applications which they were used for.

  • GM Diesel 4-71 - fitted to various loading shovels
  • GM Diesel 6-71 - Fitted in 1FPM 4 wheel tractor, the TC-12 was fitted with a pair.
  • GM Diesel 8-71
  • GM Diesel 12V-71 of 425 hp - A pair were retro-fitted to a Western 80 a monster articulated Dumper in the 1960s.
  • GM Diesel 16V-71 of 530 hp- fitted to 43LDT scrapers
  • GM Diesel 6-110 of 325 hp - fitted to off road Dumpers

See alsoEdit


  • Euclid Earth-Moving Equipment 1924-1968, by Eric C. Orlemann, published by Icongraphic, ISBN 1-58388-129-8


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