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Galion machine

Galion road grader

The Galion brand of heavy equipment (such as road graders, road rollers, and earthmovers) was manufactured in Galion Iron Works of Galion, Ohio in the United States. The Galion Company, was later purchased by Dresser Industries and then by Komatsu. As of 2000, the plant in Galion operated with a reduced work force, and products manufactured there are no longer branded with the Galion name.

Galion the townEdit

Galion was once home to North Electric Company, a prime supplier of telephone switching systems for government and international markets. It was also producer of the Ericofon, the first ever one-piece telephone designed by Ralph Lysell and Hugo Blomberg. Founded in 1884 by Charles N. North, the company became part of Ericsson in 1951. It was purchased by ITT Corporation in the mid 1970s and operated as ITT PowerSystems until the late 1980s, when it was sold to a private consortium. The company exists in Galion today as Peco II. The name is derived from North Electric Company's purchase of Power Equipment Company (PECO) in 1960. Peco II purchased the telecommunications product line and associated assets from ITT in 1988.

Perfection Cobey was a manufacturer of dump truck bodies and other truck components.

Model rangeEdit

The Galion Iron Works built a number of grader models and also licensed the designs to other manufacturers overseas.

Grader models
Other products


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