Grimme is a manufacturer of Agricultural machinery based in Lincolnshire.

Grimme trailed destoner (at Blyth Notts) 09 - IMG 9613

A Trailed Grimme Destoner machine preparing carrot beds in 2009

Company historyEdit

Unknown ?

Product rangeEdit

Grimme CS150 at Lamma 2010 - IMG 7587

A Grimme CS150 trailed harvester at the Lamma 2010 event

Grimme GZ 1700 trailed potato harvester at EofES - IMG 0105

Grimme GZ 1700 Potato harvester on show at the East of England Show 2010

  • Beet harvesters
    • Trailed
    • Self propelled
  • Destoners
  • Potato harvesters

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