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Heavy Haulage (Draft outline, expansion required)&nbsp

The movement of modern Tractors and Construction Plant due to the size and weight of machines, requires the use of specialist equipment. The contractors involved in this are often referred to as "Heavy Haulage Contractors".

The collection of Older heavy Haulage Tractors is a growing hobby, with some people collecting older units to move their "Classic Plant or Tractors", others just collecting BIG trucks as they look impressive, and some are quite rare, but are generally cheaper than Steam
Chris Bennett volvo
Engines or Trains.

History Edit

Scammell 100 tonner - BCVM 09 - IMG 3822
On of the Earliest specialist heavy haulage tractor units the Scammell 100 Tonner
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Wynns Diamond T
Ex Wynns ex. Army "Diamond T" EDW 95 at Bromyard show 2008
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Thronycroft Antar
Ex RAF Thornycroft Antar at Belvoir Castle show 2008
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Early History Edit

The First Heavy haulage contractors used teams of horses.

Then they moved on to using Steam Traction engines to move large items such as Boilers, presses, Stone blocks, Machine parts and similar large items during the Industrial revolution.

Following the 2nd World War, with large numbers of ex forces heavy trucks and tank transporters available, haulers quickly switched, as they did not need a couple of hours to get up steam, and no need to cart tons of coal along the route, less maintenance and cleaner.

19th Century Edit

See Road Tractors (Steam Engine) for more details. The Best known manufacturers are;

20th Century Edit

Diesel Lorries and Road Haulage Tractors

See also: Commercial vehicles
Early Manufactures of specialist trucksEdit
Magnaload Volvo
Ex Magnaload Volvo ballast tractor at Bromyard show 2008
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Scammell S26 at Belvoir 08
Econofrieght Scammell S26 "Evening Star" fitted with ballast box - F300 PHN
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21st Century Edit

Heavy Duty Trucks and Tractor units Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT's)

Modern ManufacturesEdit
Yeoman Volvo F16-Rushden-P5010269
Yeoman Bonneted Volvo, now retired and on the Show circuit
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Renault Magnum tractor unit
Renault Magnum Heavy Haulage tractor unit
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  • Berliet
    • GXO
    • T12
    • TLR
    • TLM
    • TBO
    • TBU15
    • TR350
  • MAN
    • F90
    • 40 520
  • Volvo
    • F88
    • F89
    • N12
    • N1233
    • F12
    • F16
    • FH12
    • FH16
  • Oshkosh
    • J-Series
    • M911
    • HET M1070
  • DAF
    • 3300
    • 3600
    • FTT95
    • 85 400
  • Faun
    • HZ45/45W
    • Koloss
    • Goliath
    • SLT-50 'Elefant'
    • SLT-56 'Fransiska'
  • Foden
    • 4380
    • 4450
    • 4525
JCBalls Mercedes and Low loader unit
JC Balls
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Trailer & Equipment Manufactures Edit

King lowloader neck-DSC01252
The neck of a King Low loaders
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Modular Low Loader Neck
Neck and front Boggie on a 120 ton capacity 5 + 3 Drop well modular Andover trailer
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Alleys 8x6 DAF with Goldhofer trailer neck
The Neck of a Goldhofer trailer on Alleys DAF hauling a rail locomotive
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Markhammoor trans long load
Line of super long Bridge Beams delivered by Markham Moor Transport to the Leeds Inner Ringroad site at night
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Specialist Heavy Haulage ContractorsEdit

Main article: Heavy Haulage Contractors
Starter list, more required and a relevant individual company article creating from the link.

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