Burrell no. 3444 is a Showmans Engines called His Lordship built by Charles Burrell and Sons in 1913 with the registration no. CK 3403. The engines is now one of Alan Atkinsons Scarborough Fair Collection and appears at various events with the fairground Organs from the collection.

Burrell no 3444 His Lordship reg CK 3403 at Llandudno 09 - IMG 8819

On the sea front at Llandudno 2009

IMG 882Burrell no. 3444 His Lordship reg CK 3403 (front) at Llandudno 09 -

His Lordship from the front on Llandudno seafront


Some of the events this engine has appeared at include;

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Past events

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Engine HistoryEdit

The engine was new in March 1913.

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