The term Hitch is used to describe a whole range of different systems used to attach something to a tractor or machine.


Scammell HitchP7270155

Scammell Scarab Hitch assembly with curved chassis to act as guide rails

IMG 6219small

A NATO type jaw hitch used on Military vehicles for trailers fitted with a Ring end to the drawbar (higher load capacity)

Unimog hitch - Q716HFR - IMG 3008

Pickup Hitch (bottom) and a Continental ring itch jaw on a Unimog

  • Three-point hitch - American term for what is known in the UK as the Three-point Linkage on the back of tractors.
  • Fifth Wheel Hitch- The turntable and Pin assembly used on articulated lorries and trailers.
  • Quick Hitch - Generally used to describe the system of attaching a Excavator Bucket or attachment to the machine by an adaptor plate that can be latched and unlatched manualy or hydraulicaly instead of taking the Pins and bushes out with a hammer each time from the Bucket and arm.
  • Scammell Hitch - Forerunner to the Fifth wheel used on the Scammell Scarab to enable swapping trailers rapidly.
  • Ball Hitch - Usual method of coupling trailer to a Car or Van, also used on light trucks and Caravans. But capacity load limited. (For HD applications a NATO Hitch or a Jaw Hitch is used.)


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