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Wilcox Four Oakes sprayer at Astwwod bank 2011 - IMG 8614
A Wilcox sprayer - hand operated for small orchard or greenhouse use
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Allman fruit spayer at Astwoodbank 2011 - IMG 8621
A small portable sprayer from E. Allman & Co. for spraying soft fruit or vines and small orchards with close rows
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Allman fruit sprayer at Astwoodbank 2011 - IMG 8616 r
Allman & Co. horticultural sprayer
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'Horticultural and Garden sprayers are small portable sprayers designed for use in orchards and market gardens. They are often mounted on a small trolley to enable them to be pulled along and carry more than a Knapsack sprayer and are eith hand pumped or powered by a small Internal combustion engine.

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