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Hybrid may refer to:



  • Hybrid (biology), an offspring resulting from cross-breeding


  • Hybrid computer, a computer combining analog and digital features
  • Hybrid coupler, a passive device used in radio and telecommunications
  • Hybrid coil, a type of electrical transformer
  • Telephone hybrid, a type of telephone circuit


See - Marvel Database Wiki

  • Hybrid (DC Comics), a fictional group of supervillains
  • Hybrid (Marvel Comics), a fictional supervillain
  • Hybrid (Scott Washington), a fictional Marvel Comics anti-hero
  • Hybrids (novel), a book in the Neanderthal Parallax trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer

Other usesEdit

  • Hybrid (mythology), a creature combining body parts of two or more species
  • Hybrid gemstone, a stone combining natural material with artificial material
  • Hybrid security, a type of economic instrument
  • Hybrid word, a word derived from more than one language

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