Founded 1965
Headquarters Turin, Italy
Products excavators

Hydromac was a Italian factory of excavators founded by Carlo Bruneri in 1965 in Turin, Italy.

The factories were situated on San Mauro on the north eastern of Turin and Trino (Vercelli) in Italy. The first models were based on previous Bruneri Yumbo models. Two Hydromac's models (like H180 and H200) were designed by Pininfarina who was more famous as a car designer (Stylist).

The company closed at the end of 1983 when River Spa, a financial organization, bought the manufacturing right to Hydromac's range. Production then recommenced in 1984 at San Mauro and Cuneo near the border with France. In 1987 River SpA sold Hydromac and ownership pased to Ilme SpA and in 1989 manufacturing moved to Settimo Torinese.

In 1994 another ownership change occurred with the creation of Hydromac Maquinas Italia.

Today the Hydromac brand has exited from European market, but the excavators are still produced in Argentina.

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