Iran Tractor Industrial Machinery Company (ITIMCo)
Founded 1991
Headquarters Tabriz, Iran
Industry construction machinery

Iran Tractor Industrial Machinery Company (ITIMCo) was set up in 1991 as a subsidiary company of Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITMCo), to manufacture construction and industrial machinery. It is based in Tabriz, Iran. Key products include backhoes, excavators, skid-steer loaders, loaders and wagons.


I.T.I.M.Co Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
I.T.I.M.Co. Racoon HT-30 skid-steer 30 hp (22 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. Racoon HT-35 skid-steer 33 hp (25 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. Racoon HT-40 skid-steer 33 hp (25 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. Racoon HT-50 skid-steer 50 hp (37 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. Racoon HT-60 skid-steer 60 hp (45 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. Racoon HT-65 skid-steer 65 hp (48 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. SDL 92 backhoe 92 hp (69 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. TDL 86 backhoe 75 hp (56 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. TDL 130 backhoe 130 hp (97 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. TDL 900A backhoe 95 hp (71 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. TDL 902A backhoe 95 hp (71 kW) Perkins (Motorsazan)
I.T.I.M.Co. TWL 220 wheel loader 220 hp (160 kW) Caterpillar


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