The Injector Pump is the device that pumps measured amounts of fuel under high pressure to the injectors, which squirt it into the cylinders directly or indirectly depending on the type of engine.

Injector pump by Sims on a Fordson

Simms Injector pump (center)on a Fordson Major with the Fuel pump to the left

CAV injector pump on a Ferguson

a CAV injector pump fitted to a diesel Ferguson TE20 tractor

The pumping of fuel to individual Injectors has been superseded on modern Tier III engines by the use of the Common rail system. These are controlled by the engine management system, greater fuel efficiency and better performance.

Makes of pumpEdit

Gardner Engine injector pump - Anson museum - IMG 2541

A Early Gardner Engine with a injector pump in 2 sections, on display at the Anson Engine Museum

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