International 1110
International 1110
International 1973 1110 pickup at Tulare, California antique tractor show, 2002
Manufacturer International Harvester Co.
Introduced date 1971
Discontinued date 1973
Preceding model 1100D
Superseded by 100
Capacity tons/GVW/GCW ½-ton, 4800 lb GVW (5400 lb optional)
Make American Motors (International optional)
Model 6-258 (V-304, V-345, V-392 optional, 6-258 in show truck)
Fuel gasoline
Cooling water
Cylinders 6 (V8 optional)
Displacement ci / L 258 ci (304, 345, 391 optional, 258 in show truck)
Power HP @ rpm 113 net (137, 144, 156, 179, 193 net optional, 113 in show truck)
Gearbox make (model) International
Gearbox type syncromesh
Gears (forward speeds) 3 (4, 5, 3-speed automatic optional, 3-speed in show truck)
Axles & drive
Wheels/drive 4x2
Rear Axle Make (Model) International hypoid
Tires standard/optional G78-15 4-ply / 7.00-15 6-ply (G78-15 on show truck
List price $3265 (1972)
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In 1971 the 10-series light-duty trucks replaced the D-series. The styling was unchanged except for a new mesh grille, like that of the Scout, and revised shape and placement of side marker lights. There were no significant mechanical changes. In mid-1971 International made modifications to some engines to adapt them to new no-lead and low-lead fuels. The relatively low-compression V-304 and V-345 V8s needed few changes and maintained their power outputs. The 6-232 had to be detuned a little, dropping the hp rating to 135. Conversely, the big V-392 V8 was increased in power, to 253 gross hp and 236 net hp. In 1972 the light-duty series was given a new grille made of five thin horizontal bars split by a vertical center divider and extending around and beyond the headlights. The 1110 model got rear-wheel antilock brakes. In 1973 all engines were detuned for operation on unleaded gasoline and only net hp ratings were advertised. The new ratings were as follows: 6-258 6-cylinder - 113 hp; V-304 V8 - 137 hp; V-345 V8 - 144 hp (156 with dual exhaust); V-392 V8 - 179 hp (193 with dual exhaust). In mid-year the engine net hp ratings were reduced further to: 6-258 – 102; V304 – 126 (140 with dual exhaust); V345 – 132 (144 with dual exhaust); V392 – 168 (189 with dual exhaust).

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