International R-172
International R-172
International R-172 flatbed at Tulare, California antique tractor show, 2002
Manufacturer International Harvester Co.
Introduced date 1953
Discontinued date 1955
Preceding model L-172
Superseded by S-172
Production locations Springfield, Ohio
Capacity tons/GVW/GCW 2½-ton, 19000 lb GVW
Make International
Model Super Blue Diamond BD-269
Fuel gasoline
Cooling water
Cylinders 6
Displacement ci / L 269 ci
Power HP @ rpm 101 @ 2800
Gearbox type syncromesh
Gears (forward speeds) 4 (on show truck, 5 optional)
Axles & drive
Wheels/drive 4x2
Rear Axle Make (Model) optional Eaton 2-speed on show truck
Tires standard/optional 7.50-20 8-ply dual rear / 9.00-20 12-ply dual rear (8.25-20 10-ply on show truck)
Shipping weight 5390 lb
List price $2594 (1953)
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In 1953 the R-170 series replaced the L-170 series. The R-170 series was made up of six models. The 16000 lb GVW R-170, 17500 lb R-171, and 19000 lb R-172 Standard models were the same mechanically but rated differently for different operating conditions. The R-173 Schoolmaster was a long-wheelbase school bus chassis. The R-174 Loadstar was a short-wheelbase, reinforced frame, heavy-duty 19500 lb GVW model suitable for dump trucks and the like. All of these models continued to use the 101-hp Super Blue Diamond BD-269 engine from the L-170 series with a standard 4-speed syncromesh transmission ( a 5-speed transmission and 2-speed axle were optional). The R-175 Roadliner was a short-wheelbase tractor model with a 19000 lb GVW and 35000 lb GCW. The BD-269 engine, 4-speed transmission, and 7.50-20 tires were “standard” items included in the list price but minimum required options were the 130-hp Super Black Diamond BD-282 engine, 5-speed transmission, and 8.25-20 tires. The Black Diamond was a new engine design, very similar to the Silver Diamond but bigger, with stronger components. In 1955 the power ratings were increased to 104 for the BD-269 and 137 for the BD-282.

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