John Deere Model H
John Deere H 9354 -front at bath - DSC01628 edited
A immaculate John Deere model H s/n 9354 at Bath and Southwest Tractor show in 2009
Model history
Model introduced 1938
Model discontinued 1947
Model status Discontinued
No. produced 60,000
Superseded by John Deere Model M
Engine Specification
Engine make John Deere
Fuel type kerosene
Power hp 12
Power kW 8.9
Governed rpm 1400
Displacement cu in /(litre) 99.7 cu in
No. of Cylinders 2
Bore in (mm) 3.56 in
Stroke in (mm) 5.00 in
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Tractor Dimensions
Weight (nominal) lb/kg 2,080 to 3,035 lbs
Other info
Factories Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Plow rating Unknown
Web site
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The John Deere Model H was Introduced in 1938 and was built until 1947. It was replaced by the John Deere Model M. It has a 12 hp (8.9 kW) John Deere 2-cylinder kerosene engine.[1]

1930s model A, B, H, & 50 arrive Edit

For Overall company history see

Main article: John Deere

In 1938 the whole Deere & Co. range was redesigned by industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss.

  • By 1939 the New Model H was added with a 12 hp engine, and designed for crop cultivation work with mid or rear mounted implements.
  • Then the John Deere Model 50 was added in 1952, being fitted with powers steering in 1954.[2]

The 1960s saw the end of the flat twin engines and a new era was started with the John Deere New Generation Tractors.


  • 2-cylinder horizontal engine[3]
  • Bore - 3.56"
  • Stroke - 5"
  • power - 13/10 hp (belt/drawbar)
  • 3 speed gear box
  • Hand clutch


(add details of the options offered)

  • Standard H - Dual front wheels
  • HN - Single front wheel
  • HNH - High clearance version (only built 1941/42)
  • HWH - Wide high clearance (only builr 1941/42)

Build quantitiesEdit

Model H, HN, HNH, and HWH[4]
Model year Total Built
(all versions)
Yearly Total
1939 1000 1000
1940 10,780 9,780
1941 23,654 12,874
1942 40,995 17,341
1943 44,755 3,760
1944 47,796 3,041
1945 48,392 0,596
1946 55,956 7,652
1947 60,107 4,191

Tractors in preservationEdit

(list details of any known tractors with Reg no. or s/n to identify them)

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