Keith Vickers is a collector from Lancashire who has started collecting unusual tractors, with both his current models being Narrow versions. This was partially influenced by his desire to transport them in a van rather than use a trailer.

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IH Super FC-CEdit

McCormick Super FC-C Vineyard - of K. Vickers at Pickering 09 - IMG 3236

The Super narrow profile of the Super FC-C Vineyard tractor on show at Pickering Steam Rally 2009

The McCormick International Super FC-C was first presented at the Riverside Steam and Vintage Rally in April 2009 after its 2 year restoration. It has been to several shows since were it attracts attention with its unusual size and immaculate finish.


Reekie FergusonEdit

Has been exhibited at;

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  • Photos from events
  • Show guides
  • Display boards presented with the exhibits

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