Kilowatt is a measure of power for both electrical devices and engines.

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The kilowatt is equal to one thousand (103) watts. This unit is typically used to express the output power of engines and the power consumption of electric motors, tools, machines, and heaters. It is also a common unit used to express the electromagnetic power output of broadcast radio and television transmitters.

One kilowatt of power is approximately equal to 1.34 horsepower. A small electric heater with one heating element can use 1.0 kilowatt. The average annual electrical energy consumption of a household in the United States is about 8,900 kilowatt-hours (cf the average UK household's approx 4,700 kilowatt-hours for example), equivalent to a steady power consumption of about 1 kW for an entire year.[1] Also, kilowatts of light power can be measured in the output pulses of some lasers.

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