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ShanDong Laidong Internal Combustion Engine Co., Ltd.
Shandong Huayuan Laidong Engine Co., Ltd.
Founded 1943
Headquarters Laiyang, Shandong, China
Products engines

ShanDong Laidong Internal Combustion Engine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1943 in Laiyang, Shandong, China. It manufactures engines for the agricultural market, including tractors and combine harvesters. In 1997, funding was provided to establish Shandong Huayuan Laidong Engine Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary. The company can manufacture about 500,000 engines annually.[1]


Tractor enginesEdit

  • Laidong 1100
  • Laidong 1105
  • Laidong 1110
  • Laidong 1115
  • Laidong 1118 (KM130)
  • Laidong 1122 (KM138)
  • Laidong 1125
  • Laidong 1130
  • Laidong 1135
  • Laidong 4D30Y
  • Laidong 4D30YB
  • Laidong 4D30A
  • Laidong 4D30B
  • Laidong 4D30BZ
  • Laidong 496
  • Laidong 4100
  • Laidong 4105
  • Laidong 4110

Combine Harvester enginesEdit

  • Laidong L380
  • Laidong LL380
  • Laidong KM385
  • Laidong L475
  • Laidong L480
  • Laidong LL480
  • Laidong KM485
  • Laidong LL485 (4L22)
  • Laidong 4L22BZ

References / sources Edit

External Links Edit

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