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Le Percheron
Founded 1945
Defunct 1956
Headquarters Colombes, France
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent Societe Nationale de Construction Aeronautique du Centre (SCNAC)

Le Percheron was a brand of tractor built in France from 1946 to 1956. The Tractors were a copy of the Lanz Hot-bulb engine tractor. The name was from a breed of heavy draft horse. They were built by the Societe Nationale de Construction Aeronautique du Centre (SCNAC). Only about 3,700 were built.[1]

Preserved machinesEdit

There is a fine example in the UK which is shown here are there any more (some others are in Europe that are linked to below).

  • This is No. 44 and the web site below talks of 200 being built pre war so tthis may be a pre war one.
  • The one in the photo gallery on is no. 160
LePercheron Model A - french Lanz P8100524

A Le Percheron Model A at the Driffield Steam rally 2008


rear of the tractor showing lack of a linkage.

LePercheron manufacturers plate-P8100527

Detail of the manufacturers plate

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