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For history, see International Engines.

The International Harvester Corporation built a huge range of engines for use in there own range of vehicles and machinery.

Model rangeEdit

Model listing
Model no. no. of cylinders type / configuration capacity Cu in (Litre) power (rated HP) fuel date introduced applications (main) photo misc notes
IHGB BD-144 4-cylinder Straight 143 cu in (? litre) 35 hp Diesel circa 1960 International B275 tractor International BD-144 engine 1960 Built by IH Great Britain
IHGB BD-154 4-cylinder Straight 154 cu in (? litre) 55 hp Diesel 1960's B-414 International BD-154 engine 1962 Built by IH Great Britain
IH C-113 4-cylinder Straight 113 cu in (? litre) 18 hp (belt) Gasoline 1947 Farmall Super A International C-113 engine
IH C-123 4-cylinder Straight 123 cu in (? litre)  ? hp Gasoline 195? Farmall 200 International C-123 engine Farmall 200 1955
IH D-166 4-cylinder Straight-four engine 166 cu in (? litre)  ? hp Diesel circa 1960 International 340 International D166 engine 1960
IH D-554 6-cylinder Straight-six engine 554 cu in (9.1 litres) 105-140 hp Diesel circa 1958 International TD-15 Series 150 International D-554 engine 1958
IH D-691 6-cylinder Straight-six engine 691 cu in (11.3 litres) 80-170 hp Diesel 1954 International TD-18A International D-691 engine 1952
IH DT-466 6-cylinder Straight Turbo-charged 466 cu in (7.6 litres) 140-210 hp Diesel 1972 TD-15 C Crawler tractor International DT-466B engine 1982
IH DT-817 6-cylinder Straight 817 cu in (13.4 litres) 230-375 hp Diesel 1959 International TD-25 Series 250 TD-25 B

Hough H-100 B/C H-120 "A"/B/C Payloader

Payhauler 95 (952)

295 Payscraper 495 Payscraper Paywagon

International DT-817 engine 1959
IH DVT-573B 8-cylinder V8-engine 573 cu in (9.4 litres) 190-260 hp Diesel 1968 International TD-20C crawler tractor

Hough H 90 E Payloader

65C Payhauler

270 E-270 Payscraper

(CO-4000 D COF-4000 D COT-4000 D DVT-573)

CO(F)-4070 transtar


DCF-480 (canadian truck)

International DVT-573B engine 1971
IH V-800 8-cylinder V8-engine 798 cu in (13.1 litres) 230-350 hp Diesel 1972 4568-4586-4786 4WD-tractor

TD-20 E crawler tractor

Hough 550 wheel loader

431-433-442-444 Scraper

Paystar 5000

Transtar 4370

Transtar II CO-4070B


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