This is a list of companies that manufactured Steam & traction engines of any kind, including steam tractors, portable engines, Steam Lorries and steam rollers.

Great BritainEdit

There were a large number of manufacturers in Great Britain. Most started life as agricultural engineers, and many exported engines all over the world. Some of the more prolific manufacturers are listed below:

(x) = Number of known UK engines surviving. - based on data from The Traction Engine Register 2008 (10th edition) and updated from the 11th edition. Some engines have been exported, but 'new' ones are being repatriated to the UK. In total there are about 3000, but some are just parts and others reasonably complete but are awaiting restoration.
Manufacturers Name Date (1st built) Date (last built) No. Built No. Surviving Company location Succesor / notes
Adamson 1858 1859  ?  ? Dunkinfield, Cheshire -
William Allchin Ltd 1879 1930 ~ 4000 21 Northamptonshire (MERL database entry)
John Allen of Oxford  ? 1913  ? 1 Oxford later known as Allen of Oxford
Allen & Simmonds 1909 -  ?  ? Reading -
Appleby 1880 -  ?  ? London -
Archer & Hall c. 1880 1900  ? 0 Location ? -
Armitage & Ruston 1879 1881  ?  ? Chatters Cambridge -
Armstrong & Whitworth C. 1926  ?  ? 7 Manchester & Newcastle
Atkinson  ?  ?  ? 1 Preston, Lancashire. Seddon Atkinson
Aveling c.1859  ?  ? 0 Rochester, Kent Aveling & Porter
Aveling-Barford c.1936 c.1950  ? 18 Grantham, Lincolnshire.
Aveling & Porter 1860 1937 14200 (575) Rochester, Kent Aveling-Barford
Babcock & Wilcox  ?  ? 6  ? Absorbed Clayton & Shuttleworth steam operations
Barrows + various partners - Millwrights engineers and engine builders from Cherwell works, Banbury Oxfordshire Started by Joseph Kirby 1787, engines offered from 1855  ? unknown see below Barrows are reputed to have built engines for John Fowler of Leeds before he had a factory as did Ransomes and Kitson and Hewitson.
Kirby & Barrows 1862 1863 unknown non known Banbury, Oxon
Barrows & Carmichael (1) - 1864-1868
Barrows & Stewart (1) - 1868-1886/7
Barrows & Co 6) - 1891-1919
Blackstone  ?  ?  ? 1 Stamford Lincolnshire (better known for Agricultural machinery and Oil engines.
Brown and May  ?  ?  ? 18 - Devizes in Wiltshire No records survive
Charles Burrell & Sons  ?  ?  ? 329 Thetford, Norfolk (MERL database entry)
Clayton & Shuttleworth (16), Lincoln, Lincolnshire – (MERL database entry)

North American ManufacturersEdit

For full list of North American Manufacturers see:

Main article: List of traction engine manufacturers in North America (from the Wikipedia list)
No of survivors in the UK listed (x in UK).

German ManufacturersEdit

(x) = Number of Known survivors world wide.

Known SurvivorsEdit


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References / sourcesEdit

Originally based on the Wikipedia article for initial listing.

  1. Traction talk forum - Traction Talk post by user:Oldengine

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