List of companies that build or built vehicle bodies and trailers in the UK. This includes commercial vehicles and public service vehicles (Buses) and coaches.

Coach and Bodybuilders
Company name location product website (if applicable)
Alperson Products, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Andover Trailers Andover Hampshire Low loaders & trailers na
Anthony Hoists, Ltd.  ?  ? na
A.P.V. Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Appleyard of Leeds, Ltd. Leeds bodybuilder & car dealers  ?
Arlington Bodybuilders, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Autolifts and Engineering Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Walter Alexander Coachbuilders Falkirk Coachbuilder na
J. C. Beadle (Coachbuilders), Ltd. Dartford, Kent Coachbuilders and Motor dealers na
Boalloy  ?  ? na
Bonallack and Sons, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Bowyer Bros. (Congleton), Ltd.  ?  ? na
British Light Steel Pressings, Ltd.  ?  ? na
British Trailer Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
J. Brockhouse and Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Bromilow and Edwards, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Burlingham, H. V., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Butterfield, W. P., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Carbodies, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Carmichael and Sons (Worcester), Ltd. Worcestershire  ? na
Carrimore Six Wheelers, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Cocker of Southport, Ltd. Southport Lancashire  ? na
Cranes (Dereham), Ltd. Derham, Norfolk Trailers na
Cunard Commercial Body Building Co.  ?  ? na
Darham Industries (London), Ltd.  ?  ? na
Dennis Brothers  ?  ? na
Dixon-Bate, B., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Duple Motor Bodies, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Duramin Engineering Co., Ltd. Park Royal, London Aluminium alloy bodies & components na
Dyson, R. A., and Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Eagle Engineering Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Edwards Bros. (Tippers), Ltd.  ? Tippers na
Express Motor and Body Works, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Hands (Letchworth), Ltd.  ?  ? na
Harrington, Thomas, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Holmes (Preston), Ltd.  ?  ? na
J. H. Jennings and Son, Ltd. Sandbach, Cheshire  ? na
Kennings, Ltd. Chesterfield  ? na
Kingsland and Sons (Camberwell), Ltd.  ?  ? na
King Trailers Market Harborough Low loader & Trailer manufacturers na
Levers Garages, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Lomas, Herbert, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Mann Egerton and Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Marshalls Flying School, Ltd. Cambridge  ? na
Martin Walter, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage and Wagon Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Massey Truck Engineering (MTE) Ltd Halfway, nr Sheffiled specialist truck bodies for utility contactors with truck cranes na
Mulliners, Ltd. Birmingham Coachbuilder na
Multiwheelers (Commercial Vehicles)  ? Body builder - took over William Beardmore & Co.'s Lorry division? na
G. E. Neville and Son, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Neville-Charnold, Ltd Mansfield Tipper bodies na
Normand, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Northern Counties Motor and Engineering Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Park Royal Vehicles, Ltd. London Coachbuilders na
Pilot Works Ltd.  ?  ? na
Plaxtons (Scarborough), Ltd. Scarbourough Yorkshire Bus & Coach bodybuilders na
Rea11 (Coachbuilders), Ltd.  ?  ? na
Reynolds, W. J., (Motors), Ltd.  ?  ? na
Robson, W. and T., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Roe, Charles H., Ltd. Leeds  ? na
Scammell, G., and Nephew, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Sparshatt, J. H., and Sons, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Spenborough Engineering Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Spurling Motor Bodies, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Steel Barrel Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Strachans Successors, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Taskers of Andover (1932) Ltd. Andover Hampshire Trailers na
Telehoist, Ltd.  ? Skip loaders na
Thompson Bros. (Bilston), Ltd. Bilston Notts. Tipper bodies na
University Commercials and Coachwork, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Wadham Bros., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Walker, B., and Son, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Weston Works (Birmingham), Ltd.  ?  ? na
Weymann's, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Whitson, James, and Co., Ltd.  ?  ? na
Willowbrook, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Windovers, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Wood Hoists, Ltd.  ?  ? na
Yeates, W. S., Ltd.  ?  ? na

References/ sourcesEdit

Based on list from 1954 Commercial Motor Show on Graces Guide-

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